Simplify Scheduling Tasks On AWS EC2

Effortlessly create, schedule and automate ec2 tasks—no complex setup required.

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really awesome app, helps me schedule all my day tasks.

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How does it work?

  • Seamless AWS Integration

    Integrate your AWS account using our cloudformation template

  • Launch a Task

    Schedule or kick off a task to run on 1 or more ec2 instances

  • We handle the rest

    Leave the scheduling to us or view your task in the activity monitor

Tasks Dashboard Edit Tasks
  • Tag-based Scheduling

    Use your existing aws tags to schedule tasks on one or more EC2 instances.

  • Task Monitoring

    Easily view in-progress and completed tasks.

  • Access to logs

    Easy access to your logs. All in one place nicely organized.

  • Mobile-Friendly

    Easily check on your tasks or create new ones on the go.

  • Metric insights

    Get rich analytics on critical metrics of your running tasks.

  • Instant alerts

    Get instant alerts if your tasks fail or run longer than expected.


Skip the setup hassle of cron, windows task scheduler or config tools

$19 /mo
  • 3 AWS Accounts

  • 100 Tasks / account

$39 /mo
  • 20 AWS Accounts

  • 500 Tasks / account

$79 /mo
  • Unlimited AWS Accounts

  • Unlimited Tasks / account

$0 /mo
  • 1 AWS Account

  • 3 Tasks

  • no credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions

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